Brand promotion consists way of Marketing plus promotion of a brand and influences the Customers to drive their decision towards purchasing the product or service under a brand.  A brand is a Symbols, Name of Business, Specific Entity, or other which is used as a name while promoting the Company or a Product. Brand promotion is a method of marketing strategy. Brand promotion is defined to convey your brand to people.

Brand promotion is that method of marketing which is designed to inform, remind, convince and influence the customers so that they purchase the brands of the adverting company. A registered brand is also known as a trademark.

The Role of Brand Ambassadors and Celebrities is another way of promoting your brands is by employing a brand ambassador.

There are Objectives of Brand promotions:

  • To Promote Information
  • To Differentiate the Product
  • To Increase Demand
  • To Build Brand Equity
  • To Stabilize Sales
  • To Offset Competitors’ Marketing Efforts
  • To Build Image

There is various brand promotion methods conducted to keep the brand noticeable:

  • Organizing Contests
  • Promotion on Social Media
  • Product Giveaways
  • Point-of-Sale Promotion
  • Customer Referral Incentive Programs
  • Causes and Charity
  • Promotional Gifts
  • Customer Appreciation


The needed confidence that the company is reputable and can be delivered on its promise. Building a brand name is very important in this day and generation of social media. Having a full-time social media consultant answering questions on the business Face book, YouTube or Twitter account is very important. Today, consumers have more power than ever because of social media. Your customers can complain quickly and loudly on social media, and it is very important to be able to reply to all customers in a positive manner.